Why Nature’s Way

Why Nature’s Way?

Nature’s Way was born out of the desire to produce a product that embraced all the positive elements of a complete dog food, naturally.


Our ethos was to produce a delicious healthy, natural complete dog food; containing no unnatural additives, flavourings or salt; no added sugar, chemicals or unnatural ingredients of any kind, including preservatives. Also, to ensure our product is dairy-free with no wheat or wheat gluten and using no GM products.

Free From

All of our products are free from soya, maize, wheat & wheat gluten and dairy.

None of our complete dog food recipes use meat derivatives or plant-based derivatives.

Key Benefits

Nature’s Way dog food recipes can help to reduce hair loss and skin irritation, especially from scratching. We can even help lower risk of allergies, and even help control unpleasant body odours. Our natural recipes can promote healthier skin, shinier & healthier coats, increased joint mobility, better digestion and healthier stomachs.

No Added

We don’t add anything unnecessary to any of our recipes. So, that means no added salt, sugar or unnamed cereals. In fact, no grains or cereals of any kind in our grain-free recipes!

We don’t use anything artificial, no colours, no additives, no flavourings and no unnatural preservatives.


All Nature’s Way ingredients are traceable to source, naturally.

Rigorous quality management and food safety systems ensuring complete traceability from raw materials to the finished recipe, for every single ingredient in every bag.

Raw materials are only purchased from the best suppliers, each one being approved to supply raw materials following audits questionnaires and thorough analysis. Purchase specifications are based on very stringent and mostly human-grade standards or above.

Each raw material delivery is given a unique batch identity number and bar code to ensure full traceability. Each batch is sampled, archived, and analysed on-site in the laboratory to ensure compliance. The analysis includes a review of nutrients such as moisture, oil, protein, fibre, ash, starch and minerals, and importantly cook level.

Analysis of cook level, density, and moisture is being checked even before the product is dry, to ensure that the final product will be correct throughout the batch. Innovative indirect analysis (NIR) ensures digestibility and nutrient analysis are available for QC approval within seconds. Size, shape, colour and density of individual kibbles are also checked to exacting and unsurpassed standards. Routine microbiological and physical assessments are conducted, and every batch of cereal is checked for mycotoxins to human or even human baby food standards.


All packaging is made from 100%  recycled materials and can be fully  recycled.
All ingredients are traceable to  sustainable sources.

Made in the UK

Our natural dog food is made right here in the UK.

Grain Free

We have a number of grain free recipes, for those four-legged friends who are a little more sensitive. Meat is the number one ingredient in our grain free recipes, which command 60 – 65% meat ingredients.

Who We Are

We are family run business in Devon, with a passion for all animals, especially our four-legged friends.


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