Pet owners see the finished kibble as they open the packaging for their dogs and cats. However, there is a rigorous process to ensure that the kibbles are highly nutritious and palatable for their pets. Each dry pet food recipe is unique, and each manufacturer will have different practices.

The journey of creating Nature’s Way starts with our trusted farms and fisheries, where we collect only the finest fresh meats and fish. These ingredients are transported in refrigerated conditions to maintain the freshest quality. They are then brought back to our production centre to undergo extensive quality testing.

The cooking process starts in our state-of-the-art ingredients kitchen, where the fresh meats and oils are prepared before the dry ingredients are carefully weighed out. Once this is complete, the ingredients are transported in camels (automated guided vehicles) to our production lines. Here we use the latest technology to further mix the ingredients ready for extrusion.

After the dry ingredients are ready, we ensure that our freshly prepared oils, created in our meat kitchen, are ready for production whilst checking that the freshly prepared meats are ready to be reunited with the oils.

Bringing all of the ingredients together in the pre-conditioner, steam and water are added, which results in the breakdown of starch before passing through to the extruder barrel at 86 degrees C. Our ultra-advanced technology provides a consistent and uniformed drying process to allow gentle handling and excellent control of the kibble.

Precision vacuum coating technology is used to ensure optimum palatability by infusing each kibble’s inner honeycomb structure, achieved by weighing the kibbles and the appropriate oils and digests to be added. If this is incorrect, then production is stopped until the accuracy is restored.

The final stage of the process sees further gentle cooling to ensure you receive the best possible recipe. The kibble is then sent on to be packed into our recyclable packaging.